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Marina Harbor Anchorage Kindly Offers All Sea Shepherd Vessels Free Berth

By March 6, 2015No Comments

Commentary by Captain Oona Layolle, R/V Martin Sheen


Marina Harbor Anchorage in Marina del Rey Photo: Sea Shepherd / Carolina A Castro

Marina Harbor Anchorage in Marina del Rey, Calif. is now the first marina to welcome all Sea Shepherd vessels while sending an eco-friendly message to other harbors around the world. The marina has generously offered free berth to all Sea Shepherd vessels in the future, in hopes of inspiring other marinas to do the same.

The crew of the R/V Martin Sheen and I enjoyed our time at Marina Harbor Anchorage as we repaired and maintained the vessel. Sea Shepherd’s newest member of the fleet is now seaworthy and ready to carry out vital marine research and conservation campaigns.

We are now ready to go anywhere we are needed onboard this research vessel, well equipped to protect the oceans and the imperiled wildlife within.

A big thank you to marina manager Valter Golfieri and the marina administrator at the anchorage, Jackie Zolnierowicz, for helping to make our crew of our volunteers feel so very welcome. We have been treated very well, and we will all miss your kindness and the wonderful facilities offered by your marina.

I hope this generosity shown by Marina Harbor Anchorage will inspire other marinas to do what they can to support and help Sea Shepherd in our ongoing efforts to save marine wildlife and make this planet – which is so dependent on thriving ocean eco-systems – a beautiful and healthy place. If we all work together, we can accomplish amazing things for the oceans, protecting marine bio-diversity for our future and for future generations.

Thank you Marina Harbor Anchorage for welcoming Sea Shepherd, the R/V Martin Sheen and our dedicated crew, and for being a positive example of ocean conservation. You are showing the way for other marinas around the world.


The crew of the R/V Martin Sheen Photo: Sea Shepherd / Carolina A Castro


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