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Brigitte Bardot Crew in Codrington Educating the Youth About Turtles

By July 26, 2018No Comments

While field teams in Barbuda have continued to keep up night and day patrols on the 11-mile survey site, the involvement of local youth and communities is also an important priority for Operation Jairo campaign. Three local college students were invited to join the expert team of turtle researchers as interns, learning hands on conservation research methods and experiencing ship life aboard the Brigitte Bardot. The team have also been reaching out to youth in the Barbuda community, providing interactive turtle talks to children in the main town of Codrington. Chris Holt, Captain of the Brigitte Bardot said that “It is a privilege to provide a vessel and home base for this research. I really support the idea of getting the youth involved, they are the future of ecological protection”.  The Barbuda Council has welcomed the campaign’s efforts, recognizing the importance of marine conservation in rebuilding a resilient community. With the commitment of the local community, we are hoping that the future of marine conservation in Barbuda will be bright!

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