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As we speak, the Farley Mowat is in the Zero Tolerance Area working with the Mexican Navy to protect the vaquita porpoise. The captain has filed numerous reports of zero illegal fishing in the ZTA, which means our direct action campaign is helping the vaquita to have a significantly improved chance of survival. We kicked off our ninth year of Milagro earlier than ever, and will soon be adding one of our new vessels to the campaign.

We are even more excited because in earlier Milagro campaigns we defined success by the number of nets pulled, and now we define success by the hundreds of nets that never even enter the ZTA. Some have inquired about the capacities of the Seahorse and Sharkwater. We obtained them because they are able to STAY in the ZTA since their size requires less provisioning and trips to the shore for crew changes. This longevity allows us to focus on prevention rather than reaction. Along with the campaign’s early start, these new ships increase our presence and prove that our commitment is growing to meet the ongoing challenge to this endangered mammal.

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