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Sea Shepherd invites the world to join our nine-year fight to save the Vaquita Porpoise in the Upper Gulf of California,” said Sea Shepherd Chairman of the Board Pritam Singh. “We have been in this campaign since 2015, and we urge everyone to see our real-time scientific data here, see IUCN’s coverage of the campaign here and download our new 2023 Operation Milagro Report here. Our partnership with the Intergovernmental Group in the Mexican Government is a real, effective alliance, so much so that we saw a 79% decrease in the total hours of illegal fishing activity in the Vaquita Refuge’s Zero Tolerance Area from 2021 to 2022. 2023 started with the introduction of the first ship chosen and specifically re-fit for Operation Milagro on January 24 and the Cetacean Action Treasury just validated our data here.


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